Erin Meehan ist Design Direktorin von AGOLDE und führt das Brand mit viel Kreativität und Elan in eine nachhaltige Zukunft. Die Amerikanerin mit Wohnsitz in Downtown Los Angeles experimentiert mit Ihrem eigenen Kleiderschrank um zu entwerfen und isst gerne in Restaurants mit einem Touch Nostalgie. Über die FW21 Kollektion von Agolde sagt sie selbst: ”It’s all about interesting shapes, asymmetry, and sustainability. The design has futuristic elements but is still rooted in vintage washes and classic minimalism.”

Design, Nachhaltigkeit und Komfort sind die drei Hauptziele, die sich das Premium-Denim-Label Agolde mit Sitz in Los Angeles gesetzt hat. Von der Idee über den Entwurf und das Design bis hin zur nachhaltigen Herstellung finden alle Prozesse in und um Los Angeles statt. Die coolen Schnitte versetzen uns in die geliebten 90er zurück!

Wir stehen voll und ganz hinter dieser Philosophie und tragen deshalb unsere Agolde-Jeans nicht nur mit Stil sondern auch einem guten Gewissen.

 1. In which way(s) is Agolde a sustainable denim?
At AGOLDE, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our global environmental impact and make the world a better place for the future generations. For us, it begins with the very first step of the production process until the final second the jeans are shipped off to customers. We control our production with as tight of a distribution as possible and always cut to order our product in the effort to minimize waste. We’ve also been utilizing advanced methods and innovative technology for years, some of which include laser technology, ozone wash machines, and high-efficiency dye and washing machines. We also continue to increase our use of recycled fabrics and materials in an effort to close the loop and bring fashion into a more circular model.

2. What are the differences in a sustainable process compared to a regular production?

I think one of the biggest differences between our production model versus a regular production model is that we are entirely vertically integrated out of our facilities in Los Angeles and Turkey. We process the collections within our own walls which allows us complete control over our sustainable practices companywide. Some of these methods included ozone machines, which greatly reduce the amount of water and chemicals used during the wash process. Traditional methods in general often require much more water consumption and natural resources to achieve the same denim finish. Highly efficient washers, dryers, dye machines, and lasers have also been implemented throughout our production process to reduce the use of our natural resources.

3. What is your vision regarding Agolde and sustainability in the future?
Our mission is always to push the boundaries of what a jean can do across all aspects including design, innovation, and sustainability. In order to achieve this, we need to remain committed to discovering innovative technology and methods to process our denim, test out new fabrics and materials, and approach the design process of each collection with fresh eyes. We realize there is always opportunity to do more to lessen our impact on the environment, and we are devoted to continuing to research and discover new ways to do just that.

4. How, in your opinion, can the retail market help to improve the awareness and concern of sustainable fashion among consumers?
By doing this – talking about it! I think the more conversations that are had about this topic, the more people become aware of what other brands are doing and are empowered to make responsible changes in the way they develop their products. I always choose to shout about what we’re doing from a sustainability perspective in hopes it champions others to make a change. The smallest of details make a difference; from using recycled paper for product labels, to implementing biodegradable polybags versus plastic (which can take up to 400 years to degrade).  If we want to invest in the future, we have to be as thoughtful as possible throughout every aspect, even with the fine details that are often overlooked.

5. Do you have to compromise between design and sustainability? What do you do in that case?
Not at all. I think that is a common misconception that because a garment is made out of Organic materials or sustainably processed, it is not going to be as beautifully made or even as durable. It’s simply not the case when working with some of the highest quality fabrics and materials, and implementing the highly efficient machinery available in the industry. It’s due to these advanced methods that allow us to never to compromise the look and feel of the garments.

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