Waschmittel "Place des Vosges"

CHF 25

Kerzon’s fragranced laundry soap is crafted in the heart of Provence, France from natural biodegradable oils. Efficient in the machine and wonderful for delicate hand washes, this soap nourishes your clothes’ fibers, preserves the beauty of your favorite garments, and provides your laundry with lasting freshness. Its natural formula guarantees a radiant cleanliness starting at all temperatures and protects your textile’s supple softness day in and day out. 

Die Seife wurde dermatologisch getestet. Sie ist nicht reizend und deshalb auch für empfindliche Haut geeignet. Biologisch abbaubar.

Dosierung: 40ml pro Waschgang

Duft: Rosa & Geranium
1 Liter

Softening and soothing formula
Ensures a dazzling clean for all purpose washing
Enables around 22 washes
Perfect for the most sensitive types of skin
Machine and hand-wash friendly

5 or more, but less than 15% soap, fragrance, glycerin, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, benzyl alcohol.

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